Email Accounts
Buy additional email accounts (3 #s) on your existing website name. Eg; This service is applicable on all our website plans to our existing customers.

Products Maintenance @ Rs.1999/-
This service is applicable to our existing eCommerce Website plan customers only. Get upto 12 products/services added to your existing catalog on eCommerce website.

Website Maintenance
Most website needs updating from time-to-time to stay ahead in the business by sharing information about company, products, or its services.  Our Website maintenance add-on is for our existing customers. This service is applicable to ‘Corporate Website Plan’ only. The service includes updating the website content after the website is installed and published.

Advanced SEO
This add-on service is available only for our ‘Blog Page Plan’ existing customers. All our other website plans already includes basic or advanced SEO as per their plans. This Advanced SEO includes; homepage optimization with title-description-keywords, required METAs, JSON-LD for Semantic SEO including social accounts, and country targeting google rank.

Existing customers can opt for any of the available wordpress plugins that is not been already installed on your website. Such as FAQ, Photo Gallery, Portfolio, Customer Support, Chat, etc. We will setup and install the plugin on your website.